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21st Local Liaison Council meeting held at Hiroshima RERF

Scene of 21st Local Liaison Council meeting in Hiroshima

The 21st meeting of the Hiroshima Local Liaison Council (HLLC) was held at the Hiroshima RERF Auditorium on September 11, 2015. Of the 15 Council members, 13 including three proxies attended the meeting and expressed valuable opinions and requests in terms of the operations of RERF.

The Council members were introduced by Chief of Secretariat Eiji Akimoto, following which RERF Chairman Ohtsura Niwa delivered his opening remarks. After greetings by HLLC Chairman Mitsuo Ochi (President of Hiroshima University), the meeting’s proceedings began, with Dr. Niwa and Vice Chairman and Executive Director Robert L. Ullrich reporting on RERF's present status and recent progress in research, respectively. The explanations by Dr. Niwa and Dr. Ullrich were followed by an explanation by Chief Waka Ohishi, Hiroshima Department of Clinical Studies, on the status of the Clinical Study of the F1 Offspring of A-bomb Survivors, and a report by Director Yoshiaki Kodama, RERF Biosample Center, on the status of the Center.

Regarding the Clinical Study of the F1 Offspring of A-bomb Survivors, it was explained that, during the second cycle’s four-year duration, about 10,000 participants underwent health examinations, nearly meeting the targeted 80% participation rate. It was also reported that RERF plans to conduct analysis and evaluation of the prevalence and incidence of diseases among the offspring of A-bomb survivors based on the compiled examination results.

On the status of the Biosample Center, a Council member requested that a system be developed to control all biological samples of A-bomb survivors including those preserved at other medical organizations in Hiroshima city.

As an item for report, the Hiroshima City government explained its plan for Hijiyama Park to become “Peace Hill” and requested timely relocation of RERF’s Hiroshima Laboratory.

After completion of the meeting's proceedings, Dr. Niwa expressed his appreciation to the participating Council members, thereby concluding the 21st HLLC meeting.

Materials [PDF: 108KB]