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Many guests visit 2016 Nagasaki Open House

Scenes from the Open House 2016 held in Nagasaki

RERF’s 20th Open House was held at the Nagasaki Laboratory over the two days of August 8 (Mon.) and 9 (Tue.), based on the slogan “Come to RERF!”

Beautiful weather was evident on both days, with the many visitors and RERF staff able to share an enjoyable time together. The two special exhibits this year were “Epidemiological Study of Health Effects in Fukushima Emergency Workers (NEWS)” and “Considering the health effects of low-dose radiation exposure based on atomic bomb radiation studies.” These special exhibits drew considerable interest from visitors. On August 9, Dr. Kyoji Furukawa, Associate Senior Scientist, Department of Statistics gave a lecture titled “Statistics can be fun!” which was his third time to speak at the Nagasaki Open House. The lecture was so popular among visitors that some in the audience had to stand to listen, since no open seats remained.

At the demonstration corner, experiments with liquid nitrogen, electron microscope observation of red and white blood cells, posing in commemorative photographs in a white lab coat, and listening to the heart and lungs with a stethoscope were all a hit with children, whose laughter could be heard all around. For adults, arteriosclerosis testing, bone density measurement with ultrasound bone densitometry, body fat measurement, and urinalysis were popular. It was impressive to see visitors regardless of age enjoying themselves with RERF staff.

A total of 503 people visited the Nagasaki Open House over the two days this year, and more than 65% of that number visited for the first time. The Open House has become a good opportunity for many people to learn about RERF.