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2016 Hiroshima Open House draws more than 1,000 visitors

Scenes from the Open House 2016 held in Hiroshima

RERF’s 22nd Open House was held at the Hiroshima Laboratory over the two days of August 5 (Fri.) and 6 (Sat.), based on the slogan “Come to RERF!”

Including panel displays of the newest RERF research, which has continued thanks to the understanding and cooperation of atomic bomb survivors and numerous others, two special exhibits were introduced: “Epidemiological Study of Health Effects in Fukushima Emergency Workers,” a project that was entrusted to RERF by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) in 2014, and “Considering the health effects of low-dose radiation exposure based on atomic bomb radiation studies.”

At the “Science Corner” there were several ‘hands-on’ experiments such as a liquid-nitrogen show, a DNA-extraction presentation, and a chance for electron microscope observation with cooperation from Japan Electron Optics Laboratory Co., Ltd. (JEOL), as well as a quiz/stamp rally during which visitors, notably lots of children, engaged in the contest while strolling around the facilities. At the Department of Clinical Studies, our staff bought a small human skeleton model, which was named “Hone-hone Kun” (“hone” means bone in Japanese) as a result of votes received from over 100 people.

The main event of this year’s Open House were guided tours of the Biosample Center’s robotic biorepository, which started operations last year. The tours were provided every hour. On the tours, visitors listened to an explanation about the stored samples and then toured the robotic freezer system and liquid nitrogen tanks. Another exciting first-time event was the showing of an animated film in Japanese for the study of peace. The film was borrowed from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

Four lectures were planned for this year’s Open House event. On August 5, Dr. Hiromi Sugiyama, Associate Senior Scientist, Department of Epidemiology, Acting Office Chief, Tumor & Tissue Registry Office gave a lecture, titled “What are Cancer Registries?” given that cancer registration was enshrined into law starting this year in Japan. Another popular lecture since it was first held at the 2014 Open House was “That’s why translation is fun!” delivered in English by Mr. Jeffrey L. Hart, Chief, Public Relations and Publications Office.

The next day, August 6, Dr. Norio Takahashi, RERF Consultant, gave a lecture about the basics of radiation titled “What is radiation?” and Dr. Kyoji Furukawa, Associate Senior Scientist, Department of Statistics, delivered the lecture “Statistics can be fun!” illustrating the likelihood of the local Hiroshima Carp baseball team winning the pennant.

For both days, a total of 1,003 guests visited the Hiroshima Laboratory. A compact route was established to make it easier for visitors to take in everything without becoming tired. As a result, there were many families with children, people from overseas, and Japanese school students. This year’s Open House as well featured lots of communication between visitors and RERF staff.