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21st Open House held in Hiroshima

Scenes from the Open House 2015 held in Hiroshima

The 21st Open House event at the Hiroshima Laboratory was held on the two days of August 5 (Wed.) and 6 (Thurs.), based on the slogan “Learning about RERF 70 years after the atomic bombings.”

In addition to presentations of the newest results from RERF research, which has continued thanks to the understanding and cooperation of A-bomb survivors and numerous others, a special exhibit titled “Considering the health effects of low-dose radiation exposure based on atomic bomb radiation studies” and a feature exhibit “History of the Radiation Effects Research Foundation over the course of 70 years since the A-bombings” were displayed.

At the “Science Corner,” several ‘hands-on’ events such as liquid-nitrogen and DNA-extraction presentations were held. Also set up were a “Children’s Hospital,” at which young people could try their hand at simulated medical work, and a quiz/stamp rally, which allowed people to engage in the contest while strolling around the facilities.

On August 5, the first day of the event, Dr. Kyoji Furukawa, Associate Senior Scientist, Department of Statistics, gave a lecture titled “Statistics could be fun—From radiation risk to the likelihood of the Carp winning a championship,” introducing statistics in a general sense. Using various measures, Dr. Furukawa also talked about the chances of the local Hiroshima Carp winning the baseball pennant this season, making for a fun time shared with many Carp fans.

On August 6, the second day, Dr. Kazunori Kodama, Chief Scientist, lectured on the “Health effects of A-bomb radiation—Considering what we do and don’t know at this juncture 70 years later,” describing RERF’s research results to this point in time as well as issues to be addressed in the future. After the lecture, Dr. Kodama turned to English to explain the same information to non-Japanese guests.

With the weather clear during the event, a total of 1,046 people visited the Hiroshima Laboratory over the course of the two days. This year’s lively Open House featured lots of communication between visitors and RERF staff, and families with children, one of the focal points of this year’s event, were prominent throughout the facilities.