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Executive Director
Akira Hashizume

1980 Graduated from Yamaguchi University Medical School (Medical license)
1988 Doctor of Medical Science (Yamaguchi University)
2008 MEXT-certified professor to teach “Introduction to Social Security System,” “Introduction to Healthcare Business Administration,” and “International Cooperation”
1981 Join the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW) Public Health Bureau Regional Healthcare Division
1986−1989 Temporary transfer to Wakayama Prefecture?Director, Health Measures Division, Medical Department
1991−1993 Dispatched to Thai Ministry of Health, Khon Kaen Regional Medical Bureau (JICA specialist)
1995−1997 Temporary transfer to Hiroshima City?City Health Commissioner
1997 Temporary transfer to Hiroshima City?Director, Social Affairs Bureau
1997−2000 Temporary transfer to Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)?Director, the first Medical Cooperation Division, Medical Cooperation Department
2000−2002 Chief of the 3rd Evaluation Department, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Evaluation Center, National Institute of Health Sciences
2002−2003 Director, Blood Products Division, Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau, MHLW
2003−2004 Temporary transfer to JICA?Associate Manager, Medical Cooperation Department
2004−2006 Technical Councilor, Human Development Department, JICA
2006−2007 Administrator, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry
2007 Director, Musashi Hospital, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry
2007 Assistant Executive Director, Management Planning Office, Yukinosita Seibokai St. Maria Hospital
2008 Board Chairperson, Ariake International School (concurrently served as President of International Medical Business College until June 2015)
2015−2016 Physician, Yahime Hospital
Professional appointments
2003−2006 Director, Japan Association for International Health
2008−2015 Councilor, St. Mary’s College
2013−2015 Councilor, Japanese Association for Health Care Administrators
2015 to date Councilor, Donated Blood Distribution Foundation