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RERF's Research

Study on Mechanisms of Radiation Effects in Humans

The Department of Radiobiology/Molecular Epidemiology investigates the radiation effects on human health from the following three standpoints.
Immunological Study
The immunological study investigates how radiation-induced changes in immunity are related to disease development among the A-bomb survivors.

Immunogenome Study
The immunogenome study searches for genetic factors involved in differences between individuals in radiosensitivity and susceptibility to cancer development.

Molecular Oncology Study
The molecular oncology study investigates the characteristics of cancers developing among A-bomb survivors by analysis of cancer tissue samples from a molecular biological perspective.

Through such research, the department aims at contributing to improvement of A-bomb survivors' health, as well as controlling the health effects of radiation and preventing disease, tasks that need to be addressed in modern society.
Radiation effects on health are being investigated at the molecular level